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Canon IP90 Portable Printer Issues - Need some advice


Hello all,


Recently I purchased a Canon IP90 printer from eBay. The printer is in very good condition, it has the optional battery and bluetooth module fitted, came in its original box with all the manuals and cd, spare cartridges etc. So, I really do want to try get this printer running because for me it fits my requirements perfectly.


It was described on the listing as it has been working perfectly upto when a error code appeared "waste ink absorber full".


Iv removed the waste ink pad, cleaned it and dryed it out and put it back in, I have also reset the waste ink counter.

The printer now does operate without indicating any faults, but when I send a document to print all I get it a blank page.


So far I have ruled out...


USB/Bluetooth - I first tried printing from USB, then switched over to a bluetooth connection. Still printing blank pages.

Drivers - I tried printing out a test page directly from the printer itself without any connection to the PC. Still getting blank pages

Ink - Replaced both black and color carts with new. Still no joy

Nozzle cleaning - I performed both Cleaning and Deep cleaning several times from the Canon software. No difference at all.

Checked carts and print head are secured into position correctly, and they are.

Manual Cleaning - I purchased a print head cleaning kit, gave the nozzles a good clean but still blank pages.


Could this mean the print head is dead? Cheapest I can find a replacement it £65 ($90-$100)

If people can assure me that these print heads have been known to fail then that would give me confidence to buy a replacement. I dont want to spend that much to find the printer will still not work.


Many thanks to all.







I am having the same problem, I have two of these, I swaped out the heads and they both work, what else can cause blank pages, inks are good and orginal inks. Heads are good, what the heck causes blank pages . I love this little machines.



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