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Cannot install Pixma TR8520


I have just purchased the Pixma TR8520 and tried to install today. My computer is Windows Vista. The Best Buy employee said it will install on the Vista and I confirmed that on the Canon website. I am receiving an error message that 'this program cannot be used with the current operating system'. I've tried to install drivers from the Canon website but it says there are no drivers available. How do I get this printer installed? Thanks.



I don't see Vista as a compatible OS in the specifications.


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John Hoffman
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Thank you for the info. I can't find the page that said it was compatible but I'm assuming it was old info. New, up to date computer is the best option now.  Thanks again.

Better advice.  Never ever rely on a best buy employee to give you correct advice.  Doesn't matter if its geek squad or a sales person. 


Vista is EOL as of April 11, 2017. 


jrhoffman75 is right!


Its time for a new operating system.  First and foremost for security and safety.  Second for compatibility.  Keeping a PC after its useable life just because its turns on and runs is not a good idea.  Either re-purpose what you have (not recommended) or buy something new.  Here's why.  Most people were still using 32bit architecture hardware in Vista's heyday.  The switch to 64bit hardware became mainstream about the time windows 7 was released.  I'm willing to bet your system is 32bit.  You will be much happier with the enhancements offered by 64bit architecture.  The amount of addressable memory alone is huge reason to upgrade.  You don't have to spend a million dollars.  But do yourself a favor and buy something that supports Windows 10 OS.  If you don't you will continue to buy technology that "doesn't work" or "isn't compatible" with your Vista OS.

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