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Cannon MX922 scans with stripe on the left side that duplicates the middle part of page


Dear community,

I have read a lot about cleaning glass etc. when there is an issue with a vertical dark line and I tried that (it didn't help) but this is something remarkable, as you can see on the attached image. It scans the whole page contents but it duplicates the middle part of it superimposing it as as an extra stripe on the left side. So it's not just a dark stripe but a darker stripe that has a misplaced scanned contents in it. It happens both when scanning from the glass and from ADF tray. Attached image was taken from the big glass. Besides cleaning the glass I tried resetting everything and updating firmware to the latest version - nothing has helped to resolve this issue so far. Please, help, if you can. Thank you!



Product Expert
Product Expert



There appears to be an issue with the scanning hardware.  The printer may need to be replaced at this point.  For more information, please contact our support group using the "Contact Us" link below.

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