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Black line prints on copies


I have a PIXMA MP530 that prints a black line down the center of the paper, both front and back.  I've tried changing ink tanks, cleaning (all options), but it continues to print the line.


Rising Star


Hi stlb1924,


This could be resolved by running through a procedure called a Bottom Plate Cleaning.  Please follow the procedure below:




Instructions to perform a Bottom Plate Cleaning:

  1. Ensure that the printer is powered on and then press the <Open> button.

  2. Open the printer Properties.

  3. Click the Maintenance tab and click 'Bottom Plate Cleaning'.

    *The layout of the Maintenance sheet varies depending on the printer you are using.

    Note: The dialog for Bottom Plate Cleaning will be displayed with on-screen instructions.

  4. Remove all paper from the sheet feeder.

  5. Fold a letter-sized sheet of plain white paper in half.

  6. Unfold the paper, and load the paper into the auto sheet feeder with the opened side up, and the crease down.

    Caution: Do not load the paper folded in half in the auto sheet feeder or a paper jam may occur.

  7. Click 'Execute'.

  8. Confirm the message to be displayed, and click 'OK'.

    Note: Do not try other operations until the sheet of the plain paper are ejected.

  9. When the paper is ejected, Bottom Plate Cleaning is completed.

  10. Examine the ejected paper. If it is still smeared with ink, perform bottom plate cleaning again.

    Note: If the after performing the Bottom Plate Cleaning up to three times and the paper is still smeared with ink, the protruding rib inside the printer may need to be cleaned. Use a cotton swab to clean inside the printer. (See instructions below).

Instructions to clean the inside of the printer using a cotton swab:

  1. Turn off the machine and remove the power plug.

  2. Lift the scanning unit (printer cover) until it stops and fix it in place using the scanning unit support.

  3. Wipe ink off the protrusions <1> (shown by the arrows) and their peripheries <2> using a swab.

    Caution: Use a dry cotton swab only. Do not touch the transparent film or any metal parts within the machine. Doing so may damage the machine.

    The above illustration shows a PIXMA MP450


If the issue persists afterward, please visit the link below to reach our technical support department for further assistance.  Thanks!

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