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Black Ink on TS9120 Not Printing


I just bought a TS9120, and right off the bat the black ink is not printing when I try to print something. The black does print when I do "Print Nozzle Check Pattern", but there is no black when I try to print another type of document (Word doc or Internet Page). I verified that the cartridges have ink, I tried both the "Cleaning" and "Deep Cleaning" under the Maintenance tab to no avail. The other colors print fine, it is just that the black does not work. What can I do?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi fflakes41,


Based on your post, I recommend speaking to our support team. You can reach our support team via chat by clicking  HERE. Once the page opens, select the chat box and you will have the ability to speak with one our tech support agents  Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST.


We look forward to hearing from you.