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Beverage Labels for Plastic Bottles / Canon PIXMA TS9120


Dear Canon Community,

I am the proud owner of a Canon PIXMA TS9120 workhorse of a home office printer. I am interested in printing labels for a small startup beverage business, which requires me to submit samples to prospective clients. However, I am unable to order small quantities from a local print shop.

Thus, I am forced to be more resourceful and print my own labels at home for my sample products. My required dimensions for my front and back labels are:

Back label =  4 9/16th of an inch in width. And 2 1/16th of inch in height.

Front label = 3 9/16th of an inch width. Note - The front label is a hexagon with a green background.

(The back label must be clear transparent film, i.e.. The nutrition panel).

Lastly, I would also like both labels to be water resistant, as it is (again) a beverage bottle.

What kind of paper / film stock is available to print these exact demands?

Thanks again,

- Frederick



This is something that is not an inkjet printer application. Issues are: 1. clear film that is inkjet compatible: 2. water resistance. Inkjet inks are not water resistant. They would have to be overcoated with a waterproof coating; 3. how would you adhere your labels to the bottles?