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Blurring movement in c100 footage

Hi all,


In some of my footage I have noticed that I have some black blobs around the movement in certain parts of my c-log footage, and was wondering what caused this? The image below shows the issue, which was mainly on the hands of my interviewee. The interview was slightly underexposed for shooting in C-log, which was my mistake - perhaps this has something to do with it?


The settings I shot with were 50i, 100 shutter speed at f stop 4.0


Thanks in advance!


Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 12.32.33.png

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Re: Blurring movement in c100 footage

What lens are you using?  This looks like Chromatic Aberration to me.


I find it interesting that the CA is primarily at the high contrast line created by the hand, and the white clothing.  It even seems to be present on the back of the hand, which is in shadows.


Notice how the area of the fingertips do not show this distortion.  The fact that it is red is puzzling.  If this were CA, then I would have expected green or purple ringing, not red.

Are you using any filtering?


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Re: Blurring movement in c100 footage

Did you ever figure this out? My thought was that you were recording out to a recorder and some kind of overlay data was transfered into the footage. Otherwise?

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Re: Blurring movement in c100 footage

Nope, never solved it. I was recording straight into the on cam SD slots. Luckily I haven't come across it again since!


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