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old Canon D2000/Kodak DCS520 files


I found a bunch of old files from my original digital cameras from the start of digital back in the 90s.

I think I used to use Digital Photo Professional to open them and convert them to JPGs. But back then I was using a much older Mac. So I tried to download a new version of the app but it wants my camera serial number. Camera bodies that I  dumped over 10 years ago.

Any suggestions if this is my best alternative for opening & conversion and how I can download the new version (I am running Montery).



I own DCS520, and even if DCS520 is the same camera as D2000 there is some kind of difference between their raw files. I have successfully converted TIF to CR2 from D2000 thanks to CR2 converter

The same software will not accept TIF files from DCS520.

If you own D2000 and succeeded to convert TIF to CR2, then you can use DPP4 to edit the raw files. When I tried last time the colours in DPP4 looked way off after the conversion.

DPP4 is possible to download for free.

Not all raw converters handle raw files from D2000 correct. D2000 is ISO Less, so ISO 200 and ISO 1600 are just the same thing when shooting raw. Some converters will brighten ISO 1600 and clip the highlights even if the highlights are not clipped. RawTherapee (based on LibRaw) handles the raw files correct, but you may need to change the file extension from .TIF to .DCR. Another nice feature with RawTherapee is the ability to change demosaicing method and to remove hot pixels with one click. You will need both features for D2000/DCS520.