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batch converting eos HEIF files to jpg


Hello EOS world! Once again I accidentally turned ON HEIF saving versus JPG and now have 400+ HEIF files to convert to JPG. Sure, it's possible in-camera on my R5 BUT one file at a time? Have DLed a few apps to work on the PC but they fail miserably. Loaded up my DPP v4 and the menu displays a convert and save, but in using it, comes up with an error stating it doesn't recognize the file at all. Seems DUMB to me that canon would use a new image format and not have any EASY fast method available for converting quickly/effectively in batch mode! Has anyone used anything with success? Thanks in advance!


UPDATE: Just used my DPP v4 and tried to convert. Couldn't do it and got many errors. DLed an updated version of DPP and still couldn't. Discovered a newer version and installed that. In the HELP menu, saw a menu item: ACTIVATE HEVC CODEC (H). Which I did and involves downloading the codec necessary for DPP to recognize the HEIF files. Also required is your typing in athe serial number of an appropriate camera model for it to enable downloading, in my case, my new EOS R5's serial number. Once that was done, and the codec downloaded, I tried again and this time the conversion from HEIF to JPG functioned successful (thank goodness!) and I had 421 files to convert! In two minutes on my slow DELL laptop, it converted 12 files. Am sure if I had a desktop instead, it'd be faster! At least it did work and am grateful and happy it did!


Hope this post helps others who might do the same as I did, and accidentally enable HEIF on their camera!!

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