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Word crashes when I try to save after installing the Canon driver.


I have Windows Vista running Microsoft Office 2007.  Word was working just fine until I installed the Canon MX432 driver. Now every time I try to save a document, Word crashes.  I have tried to repair Office.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Office program.  I have closed the Canon solutions menu on the desktop.  Nothing works.  Any suggestions?



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If I were you, I'd try changing the printer default to something other than the MX432 just in case Word doesn't like the new printer.  If that solves the crashing problem, try to  reinstall the driver again before setting the printer default to the MX432.  Are you sure you've got the driver that is compatible with Vista?  Vista is finicky when it comes to drivers.  


If that doesn't work at all, I'd do a driver uninstall then a system restore to before the install.  This will put everything back to when it was hunky dory, as they say.  G'luck.

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Did you have Word open when you installed the Canon software? If you did do a system restor to before and try again with Word closed.

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Hello ebiggs1.


For testing purposes, please uninstall the MX432 and accompanying Canon software from the system. 


Once this has been done, check to see if the issue still persists after the MX432 drivers and software are removed. 

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