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Why does DPP4 crop my images when opening them?


When I open a CR3 image in DPP4 version, the image appears to have been cropped, that is ~5% of the top, bottom, LHS & RHS is missing with no way to retrieve it. Do I have an incorrect setting or have others had this problem?


Thanks John, I just took a couple of test shots and I think that you are correct, DPP shows what I see in the viewfinder, the CR3 out of the camera and Bridge appear to show additional pixels to what I see in the viewfinder.

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I have my R5 set to a crop aspec ratio of 4:3, this gets me close (in the viewfinder) to what I will crop in post since most of my work will go to instagram. However, this does not actually crop the image data, it just gives me the cropped view so I frame more accurately for the desired end result.  In Bridge, Ps, Lr, I still see the full image, I don't lose anything.  I'm guessing that this setting winds up in the RAW image meta and DPP4 picks it up ?  I can see this crop outlined when I open a RAW file in DPP4, but if I go to the crop tab and click clear, the crop clears and I see the full image. I dislike DPP4, it's disjointed and the performance is terrible. The only reason I use it is to open a RAW file long enough to save my image as a TIFF in Adobe RGB using the DPP4 Canon color profile, then I'm back to Ps.  If ACR had the same color profile, I wouldn't use DPP4.  I have not tried changing the crop profile in my R5 to full to see if DPP4 no longer defaults to cropping, but since I want the option in camera, I'll just keep clearing the crop in DPP4...