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Videos not downloading to iPhone on Canon Camera Connect


Hey! I have a Canon EOS I'm not sure which one specifically. But, the camera connect app lets me download photos just fine but won't let me download videos to my iphone. When I try to hit download it shows a yellow exclamation mark beside the video, and it says it is not supported. I have more than enough Iphone storage, and I just got this camera so I don't know what to do. Please let me know thanks! 



Welcome to the Canon forum!

So that the Community can help you better, we will need to know what model Canon camera you are using and which iPhone version?  Any other details you'd like to give will only help the Community better understand your issue. If this is a time-sensitive matter, click HERE search our knowledge base or find additional support options HERE

Thank you!

I have a canon EOS 4000D and I use an Iphone 12, the iphone version is 16.0.3 I believe! 

This will be a bit ironic that Apple's MOV (Movie) format that your camera is using cannot be saved to Apple devices.

Unfortunately this is due to MOV not being a format like JPEG, but a "container" which can store almost any kind of video data.   About the only solution that I know of it to import the videos to a computer, then export them to at least H.264 which would provide the most compatibility with all devices.


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