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Using Canon Connect > DPP for RAW files from R7 to iPhone darkens image substantially!


I take RAW photos using my Canon r7.  To transfer to iphone I upload using Canon Connect and then it transfers to Canon's DPP so I can export to my iPhone 15Pro then can use Lightroom.  I have to edit the images substanitally since it is so much darker resulting in noise when lightened.



Can you share a raw file from your card (using a card reader) and one transferred from your phone?

Thanks so much!  I attached the two images. Hope you can help!!  I appreciate it!

Actually I was more interested in the raw file itself. That's why I asked about the file before any Camera connect and after when you have transferred it.

Anyway, a guess is that no tone curve is applied to the darker one.

I tried to upload directly from the SD card and it said did not accept CR3 files. There was no editing on either image. Wouldn’t a tone curve be an edit? If not, I’m sorry can you please explain how I could remedy. Thanks!

 A filehost is a good thing when you want to share large files.

Anyway, to view a raw file you need to set the black level, white balance, demosaic it, set a color matrix and crop the borders. Lightroom also removes bad pixels and adds a tone curve. The last part was maybe never done in the software you use to view the picture.

I’ve (obviously) never done this. It I’ll try!  Thank you!  I hope it works!! 

Screenshot from computer using Adobe Bridge to view image directly from SD cardScreenshot from computer using Adobe Bridge to view image directly from SD card



 Darker image raw file on iPhone. Lighter image DPP raw image.   I wasn’t able to upload photo before. Thank you!!  I hope you can help!!very frustrating.