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Transfer Photos to Windows 11 Laptop from ELPH 360 HS


My wife recently bought a Powershot ELPH360 HS, After listening to the long video of how to transfer photos I went to the Canon site and on choosing Windows 11 it appears that it is not supported. That is unbelievable. Will choosing Windows 10 work? This is pretty complicated to connect. Our old SD1000 with a hardwire connection was much easier. This is likely the last Canon product that I will ever buy - so disappointed.



The Digital Camera Software [7.1] should work with Windows 11

Digital Camera Software is software to utilize the camera on computers. The following software will be installed. CameraWindow DC: This software is to utilize a camera and a computer with a USB cable (including wireless LAN in case of cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity). This software enables downloading images from camera to a computer or setting of a camera. Map Utility: Map Utility is a software application that displays geotagged images taken on a camera on a map.

**Please note, you do not need special software to download pictures from your camera to a PC.  When connected, the camera will appear as a drive.  You can open view and copy files like any other folder or disk.

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