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Picture Editor

Rising Star

I have Canon Photo Professional and also have Canon Picture Style Editor.  Are these programs meant to be used togather or is Canon giving one an option of which you want to use.  Alot of the features duplicate eachother.


Agree with above. DPP allows fine tuning single images or bulk processing of multiple images using the settings you've applied to one by saving those changes as a recepie to use on other files. Picture style when used in camera applies it's recepie to all the files shot while that picture style is selected (to the jpg's) limiting what can be done to them later. When using DPP (or another RAW editor) the original file stays exactly as shot & you've created a jpg from that file without modifying the RAW. Because the RAW is unaltered you can change how you process it  (add more saturation, change exposure etc) and create another slightly different jpg as many times as you'd like.

Everyone has their own file system but when I process I add a version number to the file so that if I'm trying my very best to create the look I think I saw when I took the shot & I'm fine tuning in small steps my file numbers end in v1, v2 etc where the v stands for version. v1 would be my first conversion to a jpg, then some more tuning becomes v2 and so on. When I'm really being picky I'll edit in DPP & Photoshop ACR so the file also gets DPP or ACR added to the file number to help me later if even more fine tuning is required. I rarely get that fussy but if I'm making a big print I want to be as good as the scene I have in my head at the moment I shot the frame.

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Not a problem my friend we all do that at times.  thanks much.

i understand, sure do.