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PS on sale

Rising Star

I was at Staples to pick up a new mouse. I went over to the software display. Found Photoshop Elements on sale at 69.99 and PS Premier Elements at 99.99 through May 29th. Thought I would run this by the group. Debating on the 69.99 deal. Your thoughts????


Same at Best Buy, Amazon, etc. IMO, if you aren't going to go full blown PhotoShop, there are other programs with more features than PS Elements for that price, or cheaper. Give PainshopPro 2021 a look. I've used PSP in the past and it's pretty strong in features that Corel has snapped up from other companies that they have bought out, like ULead's PhotoImpact, which I also own and use along with DPP 4. I use CorelDraw Suite for mostly vector art and some raster, which comes with PhotoPaint, so I am familiar with the way Corel lays out it's menus, which means it's easy for me to pick up any Corel program and go, and that also means I am a little biased to Corel products 😉 Anyway, look at Corels page on PSP and watch some of the videos. They actually address one of the topics you posted on removing stuff in the background, it's pretty slick and has me interested in upgraping my older version of PSP 2018 to PSP 2021. They also sell a Raw editor, AfterShot Pro, that's not half bad (I have that also). IIRC, PSP will open Raw, but it's been a while since I used it.

Just remember, there are other options 🙂



I have PSP on another laptop, so I looked and it does open Raw, but it's very basic. Still, you can bring them into PSP.

This is what the version I have looks like. it's pretty straight forward and has a pretty slick interface, but as mentioned, I'm used to Corels layout. Note that you do have layer control, which is left out of a lot of lower priced image editors, so you can mask pretty easily, which I do a lot of when editing certain images.

Generally, DPP is all I need, but I do like to play with stuff sometimes 🙂


**EDIT: I forgot to mention, you can also use plugins, if that's your thang, LOL



There was a box for Paint Shop but can't remember if it was PSP on the title. Need to figure out what I need to do. Deleting crud in teh background would be a plus. Newton, thanks.

You are welcome. And figuring out just exactly what we might need in an image editor can sometimes be confusing, especially in the beginning. I've experimented with, and used for some time, quite a few because of my background in graphic arts and dealing with various publishers and their printing requirements.

Online only- Corel PSPro @ 69.99; PSPUltimate@99.99. Recommendation? I'm going to spring for the cost of editing software to complement my DPP4. IMHO, it would be beneficial when sending photos to publications.

@Tintype_18 wrote:

I'll go back and check on the price of Paint.


Download the 30 day trial. Most vendors do that nowdays. I downloaded PSP 2021 Ultimate last week just to see what all they have added, and it went on sale, so I bought it because a few of the features it has impressed me. BTW, since I own an older version, I was able to get it at the "upgrade price". I don't have money to burn, but selling a few of my shots allows me to get stuff like this to play with, plus my wife encourages me to play... She is a bad influence, LOL!

@Tintype_18 wrote:

Online only- Corel PSPro @ 69.99; PSPUltimate@99.99. Recommendation? I'm going to spring for the cost of editing software to complement my DPP4. IMHO, it would be beneficial when sending photos to publications.

More than likely, regular PSP 2021 should be good for what you are doing, but i still suggest the 30 day trial first. In my past, I used Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw to do layouts for articles and features, and PS or PhotoImpact or PhotoPaint, depending on what I needed at the time, to help with the images. Each program has it's strenghts, so you play on that and I was fortunate to have access to all, but that was my job.


I bought Ultimate because it comes with other very interesting programs, like Aftershot, which they have really improved and includes camera profiles for my 5D mark IV and the R6. Also AI HDR Studio. I sometimes shoot HDR, which DPP 4 will handle, but this one adds a few more options. Also, it includes Photo Mirage which will animate stills (kind of like morphing).

But those are just things to play with, for me anyway. DPP is my editing program and I use PhotoImpact to frame and crop. If I need prints, they are created in DPP. I shoot wildlife, mostly birds, so providing my original shots are well exposed, DPP is all I need. BTW, I am retired, so photography and graphic arts aren't my source of income anymore. I just sell a few prints to buy toys 😉



Newton, I also do wildlife and birds. I'm fortunate enough to get some great  bird shots from my kitchen window. Want upgrade

editing for quality photos to publications.

I like to review posts and replies to lock it in my memory. They say memory is the second thing to go; can't remember the first.

Newton, do you have Photoshop Ultimate plus Lightroom? FWIW, the sale on Elements or Premier goes off this coming Saturday. I'm cheap.