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ImageBrowser EX - 100 picture tag limit - Really?


Was wanting to start organizing my pictures using the tagging features of ImageBrowser EX.  However I have found a large limitation.  When I try to tag more than 100 photos, I get an error to select fewer.  This seems horribly limiting as I can easily shoot 200-300 photos at an event.   Any ideas on how to work around (other than repeatedly selecting ranges of photos) .  Any other canon (or other) sw packages that can do the tagging in mass?

Not sure why they would put this sort of limitation in the sw... tagging 100 photos seems to take no time at all.



Hi johnjbest!


Thank you for posting.


The limit does appear to be 100 in ImageBrowser EX.  We do not have a specific reason for this limitation, but it may be due to the amount of system resources the application would require if the limit were more than 100 images at-a-time.  To tag several hundred images, it will be necessary to select and tag them in groups of 100 or less.

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