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Image Transfer on Mac produces no results


This is with ITUM2 v. and an SX70HS with v.1.1.1 firmware.  Mac is running 10.13.6.  The camera has paired with the Mac app just fine and the ITU2 app shows connected and displays my camera's name and that it is busy "Receiving images from camera".  The camera wifi light is flickering quickly.  The destination folder shows a file called ITUxxxxxx where the xxxxxx is some random characters.  This file will slowly get larger over time if I wait, but disappears when the transfer stops.  Sometimes it goes a long time before stopping.  Other times it quits after about 3 minutes.  No new pictures show up in the "Destination Folder". 

I have changed many settings - from upload all to only selected photos.  Changed the destination folder. 

Mostly, I am just curious - has anyone been successful using ImageTransfer on a Mac to get pictures off their camera?  Seems like this would be handy.  Pulling the flash is okay, but I've ended up out in the field with my flash still in the computer so that sucked.

Also, checked the "Console" logs and can't find ANYTHING canon related, but clearly ITU2 is running.


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