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Feature request - EOS Remote app - FTP upload

Hi Canon and fellow forum members,

Don't know if this has been suggested before, but I want to give a shout anyway.

I want to see the EOS Remote app with the feature to continuously receive JPEGs taken from the camera and instantly upload them using FTP via the device's 4G.

Ideally, it will look like this. I will have my iPhone in my pocket while shooting live with my 6D at an event. While paired to the 6D with the EOS Remote app, my iPhone will actually be on standby but still grabbing images off the camera and sending them to the NAS at my studio, where it becomes available right away for my photojournalist to work. The idea is for my journalist to have the images and decided which ones to keep and use. I will just be on the field only concentrating on taking the best shots. I know this will have implications on battery usage and cellular data usage, but I think a feature like this will be very indispensable for on-demand content to be made available ASAP.

Canon EOS Remote app development team, if you guys think this idea may be a possibility, please seriously consider looking into making this possible on future updates.