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EOS 6D Mark II Camera Connect Remote Live View Laggy


I have connected Canon EOS 6D Mark II to Samsung A7 Lite tablet using Camera Connect app smoothly. Unfortunately, when I go to remote live view, the video stream is very laggy and totally unusable. I need to use the live view very urgently (we are using the tablet as the external monitor for shooting videos).

Interstingly, on the old Samsung tablet (5 years old, Android 7) there is no problem.

Camera Connect is at the latest version (build 1275).
Samsung tablet has the latest Android 11 (build T220XXU1AVE1).

Does anybody else observe the same issue? How to get the live view fixed?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings, imlask

If the Remote Live Shooting function works well with a different tablet, then let's check to see how the Samsung A7 Lite tablet is connected to the EOS 6D Mark II. For example, if you're using a local wireless router that both devices are connected to then this may cause lag or delays due to the traffic on the router. We would suggest to use the camera's access point that the tablet can connect to.

The wireless radio signal may vary between different devices. Let's check to see if getting closer to the camera from the tablet provides a better signal to where lag is reduced.

Sometimes cases or wraps that protect a tablet may cause signal interference. If the Samsung A7 Lite tablet is in a protective case then let's test to see if the signal improves when its removed from the case.

You may also check to see if there may be another app running in the background on the tablet that may be slowing down the tablet to where it may appear that there may be lag when using the Canon Camera Connect app. For example, we would suggest to close or force close any app that is running in the background that is not currently needed.

If the issue persists, then we would suggest to reach out to Samsung to see if they may be able to provide additional assistance. The good news is that the camera appears to be working well since it doesn't experience any issues when connected with the older Samsung tablet.

Hi NatalyaP,

Thank you for your advice. I connect directly to the camera's access point and the tablet is just next to the camera. Interesting idea with the protective case but unfortunately that's not the culprit as well. The tablet is a brand new one and the Canon Camera Connect app is the only addition to the default applications.

I have tried my Xiaomi A3 phone with Android 12 and I observe the same issue so it doesn't seem to be connected to Samsung but I suspect that there is something going wrong with the Android systems 11+. It is weird that no one else complained about the issue already.

Before my attempts, I always closed all applications running in the background. Do you have any idea how to check what background process could interfere with the Canon Camera Connect app?

I have the same issue. I have had the issue with multiple devices, both apple and android. Currently I have Samsung Galaxy S22. My Canon M50 MII is connected using the camera's wifi point, no case on, it lags so bad that it's useless. I'm looking into alternatives for this.


You have a different camera and different hardware.  Please start a new thread with the details specific to your situation, version of the OS on your mobile device(s), etc.  It might also be helpful if you provide any troubleshooting steps you have performed.  Firmware updates? etc.

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