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EOS 1000D & EOS 7D Option to use smartphone as viewfinder


Video capture card as monitor - use usb not hdmi ?

I am confused by the video capture card option for using a smartphone as a monitor.  I just want to be able to see what the camera sees when low down (Canon 1000D and D7) as kneeling in damp grass at my age not an option 🙂

I can see the apps which allow control from the camera and not too bothered about that, not keen on them basically 'updating' setting on the camera although they obviously work.  Search just comes up with the two options, software or capture card so I think capture card would be the more flexible option and work for both cameras ?

Amazed that connecting via USB and then phone / tablet doesen't see it, it sees most things.




Talking to myself again 🙂 but really all I want to do is see what the camera sees.  There is loads out there that allows full control but I don't need that.

Canon utility for windows is very 'clunky' so I remember why I unistalled it last time. May have to do it again as it wakes up when I plug the camera in but does nothing I want so going - unless I can just use it as a viewer ? Can't see anything.
The full control ones from android are way better, looked for one from Canon but not for my sad old cameras (1000D and 7D).  Far too many videos etc saying the same thing over and over, get an app or get a video capture card, so nothing simpler and easier then. Doubt anyone can help, I will post something if I figure it out.    



What you are hoping for or trying to do is not supported on either of these models.  

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Thanks, sure that is the case, sadly.  I am just surprised that the USB is not outputting what the camera sees as a sort of default.
The hdmi should work on the 7D unless they decided not to show that either.

I can buy just an LCD screen, a 'portable monitor' that I can plug an hdmi cable (or usb) into to view things, but not if the output to it is dead.  Oh well onward and upward.