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DPP 4.13 keeps freezing


First time I've used DPP since I updated it to 4.13. I opened it and just looked around, clicked bookmarks a folder and it is not responding. End Task, and after relaunching the application several times it just freezes. This time. I opened it, navigated to a folder and started watching the video on the new features and without doing anything in DPP it freezes. After several minutes it unfreezes then a couple minutes later it freezes again and stops responding.


I did not have these issues with 4.12 - I am running Windows 10 v2004


How do I fix this?



Since I started using DDP4 4.15 and up, it will freeze after a varying amount of time, even if I leave it idle. I looked into what the DDP4 process was doing from the Windows task manager drill down to the files being referenced by DDP4 and found that it was not only referencing RAW files in the working directory that I had indicated to it, but it was also scanning peer directories at the same directory tree level as the working directory. So if your working directory is C:\A\B\C it will scran all directories under C:\A\B presumably looking for RAW files to index. Well, if you have hundreds of peer directories with hundreds of RAW files in each of them, then I have to guess at some point it runs out of one resource or another and then freezes. The reason I say this is if I place a very small number of RAW files on a dedicated drive partition that has no other directories under the root directory (D: for instance) then DDP4 will not freeze no matter how long I leave it open.  But this is a real pain from a workflow perspective, because I have to copy the RAW files that I want to work with to basically an empty drive partition all the time.

I can't see the benefit of reading RAW files in other directories than the working directory that you have chosen.



Since this thread is over 2 yrs old, please start your own thread.  Please provide your system specs and include the version of DPP you are using, also your OS version and build.   Are you using the filter option?  I have thousands of RAW photos in multiple folders some of which have multiple sub directories as well.  I'm not freezing however.  

Please start a new thread.  Sounds like windows, but it would be helpful if you can confirm the above.  Thanks in advance.  

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