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DPP ** 100% useless: this new neural processing tool **


I use for Day to day straight DPP and publish to friends/family. I am no professional, don't need fancy tools like LS, DT, Capture One, etc. I don't do pixel peeking and hate those who do and finally not hung over some crazy stuff like "slightly soft at corners" mumbo-jumbo as long as I have a semi-professional camera and lens.

In order to further reduce the time it takes for me to process via DPP, I decided to try this new offering (pop-up keeps coming up) of this new neural processing tool.

Why crap? Well - guess what - I tried across 3 computers. Computer #1 - Intel i5 with 16 Gb RAM and a decent photo processing ($100) GPU card, computer #2  - AMD Ryzen with its in-built GPU (I use it for web surfing mostly) and computer #3 - with i7 32 Gb RAM and a GPU which satisfies my teen son playing stuff like Fortnight.

Across all 3 the message came - unable to determine your hardware meets our requirement type. I said: well, h$$$ with you. There are many products quite good, very well accepted by photography community I can use instead! To use your stuff if I have to shell out $300+ for a video card or have to upgrade my whole PC .. nah, not worth it. Especially when I don't think its benefits are that high. Oh wait... they (Canon) want to even charge (subscription fee) for it? Go figure...



BTW: I know what'll happen now. Someone will cite the URL for hardware specifications. Here it is:

Computer #3 has i7, has 32 Gb and I confirmed with son - definitely the GPU support is there. What he says is probably needs something called high CUDA cores... go figure. And he said, looking at the specs demand he's pretty sure will significantly hog the computer.

Screenshot 2023-01-06 100351.jpg

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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I started a thread about this a couple of months ago.  You are welcome to review.

Canon Neural Network Image Processing Tool - Softw... - Canon Community

The tool is optional, and use is voluntary.  You don't have to use it unless you want to.  Some of the guys demonstrated its noise reduction capabilities.  I use DxO PL myself and didn't see where this would fit into my workflow.  

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"a decent photo processing ($100) GPU card"

What kind of decent photo processing GPU is $100? The only thing I can find brand new for that price is something like a GT1030 but those only have 2GB and the requirements specify 4GB minimum. The cheapest brand new cards you can get to use this software is a GTX1650 (nVidia) for $150 or an RX6500XT (AMD Radeon) for $165. Both of those come with 4GB and support DX12. Canon's "verified list" includes a mix of nVidia and AMD Radeon cards, so no, CUDA is not a requirement as that is a specific nVidia technology. Also, their list of cards is a bunch of older models, nothing current. The main thing is DX12 and 4GB of video memory.


Did you build these platforms yourself?  People with DIY platforms seem to experience the most hardware and firmware compatibility problems.  

I suspect most of the issues are related to using upgraded Operating Systems, which are not supported.

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