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Canon Connect App Says No Wi-Fi Connection


I am unable to connect to the Canon Connect app. I have used it in the past with minor problems. However, each time I go to connect, the WiFi connect to my iPhone for a few seconds before saying “no WiFi connection.” The app is fully updated, my camera is charged, etc. I have been struggling with this for months, and I do not know what to do anymore. 

Does anyone have any other app suggestions to replace Camera Connect? I need to do self portraits for school, so I am in a time crunch. 



What model camera are you using?

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You might have a couple of other options:

1) You could look at your camera manual and see if it supports the use of a remote control device.

This might mean Bluetooth pairing of the remote with your camera.

2) You could try wired shooting, if you have the cables.

3) I personally use an app called Camera Connect and Control to do wireless shooting with my tablet.

You'd need to check first to see if your camera is supported. I still use Canon Connect with my Android phone, but that's only because, once I got it working, I was too nervous about trying to make any changes.

You said that Canon  Connect worked before. Did you change phones, or your camera?

Steve Thomas



I am not sure if I can use a remote, but I will definitely do some research into that option. 

I do not have the wires for wired shooting, and I would need it a little more travel friendly. There are times I need to go pretty far away for different shoots. 

I will look into the other app you mentioned, thank you!

I updated the Canon Connect app, that’s the only change that I made. I have an EOS 80d, so it should still be able to work. 



If the 80D supports Bluetooth, then you should first establish a Bluetooth connection.  This should automate the Wi-Fi connection process.

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