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Canon Camera Connect Android - Phone Sleeping




Does everyone on android have this problem or just me? I can't find anyone complaining about it.


I have a 6D Mark II + Camera Connect, I can pair, turn on live view, etc... take pictures, watch/start/stop video, etc, use it as mobile monitor, etc.. etc... My phone is set to turn off after 1 minute of inactivity. It turns off after 1 minute while in Live/Remote view. When I switch the screen back on, the live/remote video/feed is gone, the only way to resume normal functionality is to completely power off the camera, force stop the app, then reload them all. I can still control start/stop, change camera settings, I just lose the live remote view.


Solution: I set my camera to max awake timer 30 minutes. But this is annoying.


I also have a 4k camcorder from Panasonic, uses a similar feature where you can control and see what the camcorder sees from Panasonics Image App. It keeps the phone awake while using, without needing to change my sleep settings.


Is this a bug? It's only an issue because I use my phone as a remote monitor mounted to a Ronin-M, and it's a pain if the screen goes off and I lose video feed, then I need to completely stop shooting to setup the mobile monitor.