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Canon 1DXmkii Lightroom 4 compatibility.


Hello everyone!

So I'm on a trip in India with my 1dxmkii and my old macbook running lightroom 4 on Yosemite 10.10.5.

When I try to import my CR2 files I get a message saying that the format is not supported and I cannot update my OS to allow a newer version of lightroom (Or at least not lightroom 6 which I know suports the format) so I'm not quite sure how I can bring them into lightroom at all.

Now I normally edit on my imac back home but I'm kind of stuck with this laptop for the duration of my travels (3 months) and would hate to have to wait till I was back home to start on them.

Any ideas?


@filmfallon wrote:

Thankyou for the reply but I’m not missing the point at all.

I’ve already told you I have a top of the line iMac at home which I run a company from. This processes all the images and video files from the 1DX Mkii perfectly. THIS IS A TRIP I’m taking round India and therefore I brought my old MacBook round with me to handle the editing of these images. I used to use this MacBook to edit my images from my old 5Dmkii and didn’t think there would be a problem but now I've found out there is because the 1DX CR2 files are such a new format.

Thankyou for your reply anyway but I downloaded the latest version of the dng converter (not sure if anyone has ever been to India but the internet speeds aren’t fantastic) and it says it won’t run on my old MacBooks OS so If anybody else knows which older version will run on it please let me know.

* Update. Staying up all night has lead me to beleive that the latest version of the DNG convertor I can download and run on this computer is version 9.12 and this does not support the 1DX CR2's (Found this out by going backwards chroniologically and trying to install each version till I found a compatible version). So apart from shooting everything in JPEG to edit now or saving all my editing till I get home in three months, can anyone think of a solution to how I can edit my raw pictures?

I agree, but the problem is that LR6 will not run on this Mac because it’s a 32bit system and this is the latest OS I can download.

The problems fixed now, since I didn’t have the latest version of Lightroom for another month I just decided to shoot myself, thanks for the response!