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Camera Connect 3.0.1 Geolocation issue


I have been using Camera Connect to add geolocation on my PowerShot SX620 HS. That worked very well until recent automatic update of Camera Connect with Version 3.0.1 on my iPhone SE with iOS 16.1.1

Now it seems that all pics are geotagged with time and location of starting a Location information record instead of location being updated continuously as before. So all pictures now have same location, until I stop a Location information record and start a new one.

Any one there facing the same issue?




I'd have to test this.  I did confirm the feature worked when v3.0.1 was released.  Note that the app can work 2 ways.  Approximate location and Precise location.  These are both options in the Android version, I have not verified in iOS as I don't use an iPhone or iPAD with my Camera.  Take a look in the Apps settings and permissions to see if this is supported in IOS and which you might be using.   Location should be updated in real time as you move.   

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I'm using Camera Connect (Build 1382) on an iPhone 11. I have the same issue with an EOS 850D, which is the T8i in the U.S. (Which Canon won't let me register to my U.S. Canon account because Canon doesn't believe its customers should buy equipment outside the U.S. then return to the U.S. with it. Just brilliant.)

The iPhone has accurate GPS data. Photos taken with the phone's camera have the correct lat/long while photos taken with the 850D at the same time don't. It isn't clear to me if the Camera Connect doesn't update the data it's transmitting or if the camera itself is not updating.

This issue ought to be easy to detect because it happens frequently.


Hi Rick, thank you for prompt reply.

On iOS I have "Precise Location" activated but I suspect the issue could be in time synchronization with the camera. As the camera cannot synchronize with the new version of Camera Connect, it uses the first time and location data of the record. On the camera display, both UTC time and location remain the same for all picture, even if camera local time changes.

Cheers, Jerome