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Travel tripods for gimbal and big glass?


I'm a hobbyist who is lucky to have the opportunity to shoot with some big glass. Specifically, I'm using the r3 with the RF 600mm f4 L prime. I sometimes pair it with a 1.4x converter to shoot wildlife photography. Mostly in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. I purchased the wimberley w200 gimbal and I paired with a Peak design carbon fiber tripod. It works, but it's clear the weight is really maxing out what the Peak design tripod can handle. During my last trip one foot of the peak design started slipping and shrinking (in other words, the foot wouldn't lock extended). So now I'm researching something that will work better. Still want light weight and foldable so it can be packed in a suit case, but I need something that can handle more weight and is more reliable than the Peak design tripod. What do you suggest? I saw a Really Right Stuff travel tripod for $1400, but don't know if it's worth it?






I have a RRS Tripod and absolutely love it.  Though don't have their travel version.   I have the TVC-33 with BH-55 ball head, nodal slide and other accessories.  Soon will be ordering the Mark II version of their Pano Gimbal Head.

Expensive, but rock solid, precise, and well worth it, IMO.

If you go with RRS gear, do check out versions that lack the center column which leads to better stability.  Although, you do lose convenience.  Though with a leveling base, you can make adjusting the height and re-establishing level not too lengthy of a process.  Still would be slower though than having a center column.


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