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Is Recording 4K C-Log Footage to a Computer Possible via a HD60 Pro?


If I connect my EOS R to an Elgato HD60 Pro installed in my computer, is it possible to record 4K C-Log footage onto my machine? If so, is there a recommended piece of software to make this happen? I am familiar with OBS Studio.



I'm a stills shooter who purchased an R5 C to explore video.  What I do capture, typically 4k 24p XF-AVC goes to a card.  You can however capture video from the HDMI out on your EOS R.  (4K C-Log in 10bit).  I have not used any Elegato products but have followed their tech over the years.

I found a bunch of examples where people were recording directly to a ninja V.  If you press the record button on the camera, a card in the camera is required, if you start/stop recording from the ninja, no card is needed as it records straight from the HDMI out. 

OBS Studio will capture video.  I just read the overview.  You can set a hotkey on the PC or MAC to start or stop recording.  So, if you connect your R to the Elegato and use OBS you'll be able to capture video.  You may want to review the Elegato specifications.  I think it allows 4k 30p and 1080 60p.  I'm not the video guy here.  Either @RS-EOS or @AtticusLake can likely confirm this for you.   

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