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RF 100-500 Lens Hood less bulky


I just came across a Youtube review of the wonderful RF 100-500 L lens, a husband and wife team who have one each. She uses hers 'as is', he prefers to use his with the tripod ring removed, and he has replaced the supplied lens hood with a Canon ES-83 which is designed for the RF 50mm f/1.2 L lens and it fits reversed on his 100-500 snugly, taking up significantly less room in his camera bag.

The same lens hood fits the RF 70-200 f/2.8.

It's a smaller, petal-type hood, but it looks like it does the job adequately. I'm ordering one, my bag will thank me...

Edit: I can't confirm that they're husband and wife - they might be just colleagues.

R6mkII, various lenses, speedlites. Also legacy Canons going back to T90 and even A1.


The reverse would definitely be bad (using a longer focal length lens hood with a shorter focal length lens) since that would lead to lots of vignetting or completely obstructing corners.

If using a shorter focal length lens hood on a longer focal length lens, there would be risk in increased glare and possibly other tradeoffs.


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Yes. Designed for a 50mm lens it's going to allow a little more light from just-out-of-shot light sources than a designed-for-the-purpose hood, but I always use a hood, primarily to protect the lens from dings. A long lens and camera slung around my neck as I scramble up a steep slope in search of a lesser spotted ornithologist in its native habitat can swing around alarmingly and I'd rather the lens hood takes the knocks.

R6mkII, various lenses, speedlites. Also legacy Canons going back to T90 and even A1.