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Lens Hood and Filter for RF28-70mm


Hello All, 

Question to the community...

I just recently acquired the Canon RF28-70mm lens (yay!).  I also acquired a Sigma 95mm WR Circular Polarizer Filter.

One thing I noticed immediately was the Filter and the Canon lens hood (EW-103) do not fit at the same time.  Well.. technically they can fit at the same time, however I would have to put the Lens hood on first and then screw the filter on afterwards.  I can already see this becoming problematic because once I screw the filter on it does prove a little difficult to get off.  I typically like to keep my filters on the lens long-term but still have the option of removing/add the lens hood with relative ease.

Does any one know of a 95mm lens filter that plays nice with the Canon EW-103 lens? 





Unless there's a special access to adjust the CP, having a lens hood attached with a CP can definitely be cumbersome.

I use B+W filters that tend to be amongst the lowest profile in the industry.  So you could try that brand.  Though still, trying to adjust it with the lens hood attached will still be a challenge.


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I agree with Ricky. I have B+W brand and also use Hoya EVO series. However, I don't use CP filters, which tend to be a bit thicker by default. The Hoya EVO filters (protector and ND) I use on my RF 15-35mm f/2.8L work fine with the hood. But as mentioned, there is no trap door on the petal hoods to allow you to adjust the CP filter so you either have to remove the hood or figure some way to adjust the CP, like a pencil eraser.

Personally, although it fits with a filter attached, I don't even use the hood on my 15-35 any more, but that is just a personal preference. I haven't noticed any ill effects.


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I use a Breakthrough Photography filter. No clearance issues at all.


@Danfaz wrote:

I use a Breakthrough Photography filter. No clearance issues at all.

Small world.  I only recently learned about Breakthrough filters, and they are right in my back yard (San Francisco) 😀

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Nice! 😃

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