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Gimbal for Poweshot SX740 HS


I understand that there are several gimbals available that might accommodate my Powershot SX740 HS, but are there any gimbals that would allow me to start and stop the video recording using a switch on the gimbal itself? Without that, it is very cumbersome to operate the camera.  I need it for skiing.  If I have to operate the camera directly, that means I first have to take off my ski gloves, start the recording, then put my gloves back on and then start the actual shooting. This means a lot of wasted footage that I will have to cut out later in editing, and all this is time consuming.

I found a 3-in-1 gimbal that works with light cameras, a smartphone or an action camera, but for most cameras it's just a dumb stabilizer. The control buttons on the gimbal work only with Sony cameras.  Why can't Canon come up with a gimbal that can control a Canon camera?  Or is there one on the market  that I don't know about?

The gimbal I am talking about looks like this. It's perfect for my needs, but it only controls a Sony camera. It is from hohem.  

Is there something like this for Canon Powershot cameras?

Gimbal controls Sony cameraGimbal controls Sony camera

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Thanks for your reply, Rick.   I suspected that the Powershot SX740 HS doesn't have the capability to be controled by a gimbal.  But there is no way of knowing if any other Canon camera has that capability, because gimbal control is never ever mentioned in any of the cameras' descriptions.

Also, I really don't need a top of the line large professional camera.  The Powershot cameras are perfectly good for me.  It's just a pity that they cannot be controled with a gimbal.  That's a big weakness of compact portable Canon cameras.  

I hope somebody at Canon will read this, because I will never buy a larger camera that doesn't fit in my pocket, but I will always need a gimbal, .... and Canon doesn't seem interested in providing this capability.  So, it seems that the obvious solution is to look for a Sony camera, which does work with the gimbal.  Notice that the Sony camera in the picture is a small camera comparable to the Powershot SX740.  If Sony can do it, why can't Canon?

I would prefer to get a Canon camera, because I have been a Canon customer for decades, but if Canon doesn't have anything to offer, there is no other solution but to go with Sony.

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Correct. The SX740HS cannot be remotely controlled.

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Hi Rick,

Thanks for confirming that the SC740 HS cannot be remote controlled.

I have seriously considered buying a new camera that could be remote controlled, but when I started reading about such cameras, I noticed a lot of language that is new to me. It just all seemed more complicated than I thought it would be. I would be happy with just a remote shutter control, or actually a remote start/stop button for video.

In the end, I decided to keep my SX740 HS camera that I am already familiar with and buy the gimbal I pictured in my initial question. The gimbal actually specifies that it can work with the S740 HS camera, though I now know that this refers only to the ability of the gimbal to physically hold that camera, ... not to control it remotely.

I will just have to start and stop the video recording manually on the camera itself, and then discard the first few seconds and the last few seconds when I edit the video.