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EOS 5D Mark III Video but no audio via Accsoon SeeMo


I have used the Accsoon SeeMo with my Canon Vixia HF G50 with no issues at all. Good video and audio transferred from my G50 to SeeMo to my cell phone.

When using with my Canon 5D Mark III with latest firmware 1.3.6,  I am getting video, but no audio transferred from camera to my cell phone through the SeeMo. Canera is recording audio and video, but audio not being transferred. I have also tried this with my Canon 6D with same results - no audio, although the 6D does not have clean HDMI out. 

Wondering if anyone has tried this also. 

Thank you. Bobby



what cable did you use to connect to the camera?


And are you getting a clean feed?

Hi, I guess I am not sure what you mean by clean feed. I have the working setup with the G50, and just unplug the G50 and plug in the 5D Mark III or 6D, or now I have even tried my 5D Mark II. None of the DSLR's get audio for some reason. Like the HDMI is not transferring the sound on the DSLR setup, but works with the G50 video camera. All same hardware except cameras are swapped out. Same cables - everything.

Regards. Bobby

I used the same cable that I used with the G50 setup that worked. They have the same sized hdmi connector. 

Regards. Bobby