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Cord for Canon PowerShot A520


Hi, I recently upgraded my computer to Windows 11, and the new one doesn't have a slot for the Canon PowerShot memory card (or any memory card.) Since I always used the card in the past, I have no idea what happened to the cord which connects the camera to the computer so you can download your pictures.

This is an OLD camera, (Canon PowerShot A5320) purchased in 2005, and I know it's no longer supported, but it works just fine still, so I see no reason to replace it. Is it still possible to buy a cord which would connect it to my computer? I'm in Ontario, Canada, so I would most likely try a Henry's Camera Store to find what I need. 

Second question: I checked the Canon website, and due to this product being expired, I can't download any software to help me with photo editing. Would the camera have come with an installation disk for this? I have the original manuals for it, but haven't come across an installation CD, and am wondering if I should keep looking, or try to copy the photo editing files over from my old computer. 

Are there similar newer files I can download from the Canon site to help with photo editing?


Actually, not necessarily, it might be the weird rounded sorta-Mini-B which allows for AV signals. A mini-B will fit, though.


Not on this camera, though. It has a separate AV 1/8 inch port.

"Weird rounded sorta-Mini B"?  Don't know what you mean. There's only one kind of Mini B plug.

It's not rounded. 

It fits the AVC-DC400ST cable. On cameras like my T6S it is used to output composite video and sound via RCA jacks.


That's an AV cable, not a USB cable. USB Mini B-to-RCA video and audio plugs. Canon fed video/audio through the USB port

There is a long list of Canon cameras that use(d) this cable. I used to have a video camera that did. 

Yes, I know, but it plugs into the USB port. You can use either the USB cable or this AV cable. I suppose you could have a combined USB/AV, but I have never seen one. My point is that it is a sorta-Mini B.


We are going around in a circle. YES, that is a USB Mini B plug. But it's not a USB cable because it is not a USB plug on the other end. So Canon called it an AV cable. You could call it a "hybrid" I suppose.

It might have been better if I had said that the port on the camera might not look exactly like a Mini-B since it might have the "bump" for the AV cable. It is moot in this case, since the 520 uses a standard Mini-B.

PLEASE PLEASE look at the manual for the A520 and get acquainted with your camera.

It shows the three terminals the camera has: 1.  USB-MINI B Digital Terminal;  2. A/V Out Terminal (1/8"/3.5mm round pin); 3. DC In Terminal for an AC power adapter

By "large round section" do you mean the barrel-shaped thing molded on to cord near one end? That has nothing to do with this discussion. It is a "choke", intended to prevent radio frequency interference. Some USB cables have them, some don't.


That's EXACTLY what I'm referring to, and the reason I mentioned it is it distinguishes the camera cable from a phone cable. Without that the two would look very much alike.

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