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BG-R10 Battery Grip Causing EOS R6 to Shut Down


I have the BG-R10 battery grip for my R6 and recently it keeps shutting down after a couple pictures are taken and the red light to right of set wheel comes on. I have determined that it only does this when the battery grip is on the camera, other wise I don't have the issue. I have tried looking for firmware update and have found nothing and I have found no youtube videos on fixing the issue. Any one have any pointers or ideas?




A couple of questions.  

What are the brand and model #'s of the batteries you are using with the grip?

When the grip "shuts off" are the batteries stil useable individually in the camera or are they dead?

Are you turning the v-grip on / off switch to off when the grip is not in use?



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I am using Canon Brand LP-E6NH batteries.  Yes I have been able to take off the grip and put a battery in the camera and it works and has a full charge. And No the switch is not on when not being used vertically. 

Yes to all.

I have the same issues with my grip and yes when removing the canon batteries and inserting directly to the camera it works. The batteries are original caonon batteries and are not dead nor empty when the R5 switch off.

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