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need to match impedance of VidPro microphone through mixing board to Vixia HF R40


So I am having trouble getting optimal sound quality to the Vixia HF R40 camcorder using a VidPro MX-L lavalier condenser mic running through a Behringer Eurorack UB1202FX audio mixer.  I don't have a mini to XLR adapter to be able to use the XLR input and the Invisible Mic Pre (maybe that's my problem)  I have the mic plugged into the Line in and tried tweaking the Gain and Level controls, and the Main Mix control which also adjusts Level,  and managed to get a clean sounding signal but it appears to be weak.  The board also has a PHANTOM power supply.  The VidPro mic has a built in power supply capsule that is battery powered. The power supply can be switched off for use with a smartphone. 

if I get the mini to XLR adapter and run the mic into that input does that solve the problem?  Or is something else going on? What should I try?  Thanks!

Here are specs


Audio Mixer

Microphone Input (IMP "Invisible Mic Preamp)

Max. input level:  +12dBu @+10 dB gain

Gain range:  +10 to +60dB


VidPro mic

Sensitivity: -30dB +/-3dB


Vixia HF R40

Microphone input

Unknown (but probably the same as the VidPro as the mic is a perfect match for the HF R40)


Rising Star
Rising Star

You cannot use a microphone directly into a line input, it simply does not have enough gain. You should find that using the XLR cable will solve your problems. As the mic has it's own power supply you should not use phantom power.

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