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may not be able to record movies on this card


when i turn on my FS200 camcorder, the screen shows

'may not be able to record movies on this card'

the card is:
sandisk ultra plus
80 MB/s sdhc  (u1)  (c10)

what is the problem?


Rising Star

Have you tried formatting the card in the camera?

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it turns out my wife ignored the warning and took some video. when i tried to view the video with windows media player, all i got was the audio, no video, so i concluded that the warning was valid. but later i tried again using VLC and the video was there.

i initialized the card in the camera, but it still gives the same message.

i talked to canon and they say this card is 'too fast' for the FS200. i can imagine a card being too slow, but too fast doesn't make any sense.


any comments?

You might try this and see if your camcorder responds any differently.


Copy any files you wish to save from your card to your desktop or laptop for safekeeping. Open your SD card in Windows Explorer and note the file system it uses, probably something like FAT32. Now format the card with your computer using a different file system like NTFS or exFAT. Then install the card back in your camcorder and format (initialize) it again, as the camcorder sees fit.


I don't know about your SD card being too fast for your camera but I'm guessing the FS200 might be nearing 10 years old. It's possible, I suppose, that the newer SD card might offer some features that the camcorder couldn't or didn't anticipate when it was manufactured. Have you checked for any firmware updates for the FS200?

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