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Wired remote recommendation


Hi - I'm looking for a simple wired remote that I can use with my Canon XA-15 camcorder. I want a simple record start/stop (zoom is nice, but not essential). and it needs to be wired, not wireless. I need the cable to be approx. 10ft long.


There is a 'remote' socket on my camcorder, but a quick search on Amazon throws up so many options that I'm overwhelmed. What I'd love is a big red button that someone can push to start and push to stop (bonus points if the button lights up red when recording to give the user feedback that they're recording ok!).


Creative suggestions?


Rising Star

This LANC controller off Ebay works perfectly with my Canon G40 and should be compatable with your XA-15. This is from the UK Ebay site but is probably available where you are. It has a large, though not illuminated, Record start/stop button and variable speed zoom control.


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