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Vixia hf g70 highest SD card


I just bought a new Vixia hf g70, but I don't know if I can use a uhs-ii card. I am currently use a SanDisk uhs-i card with 140mbps writing speedbut the manual said that recording 4k vedio needs a 150mbps speed card. So, can I really take advantage of using uhs-ii cards in Vixia hf g70 camcorder? Or, is there a uhs-i card that I can record 4k vedio at the best quality that the camcorder can offer? If you can help me figure out this question, I would be really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.



You cannot use UHS-II SDXC cards.  However, that's not an issue.   150 Mbps (bits per second) is 18.75 MBps (bytes).

So any V30 rated card (30 MBps) will be ample.

When looking at SD cards, the most important rating is the V-rating which provides sustained write speed.  The value that is usually most prominently shown on cards is unfortunately the theoretical read speed.   That read speed though is still helpful when transfering footage to your computer since a higher read speed will lead to faster copies (assuming that your card reader, destination drive, etc. are not the slowest link in the chain). 


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I see I got the units mixed up, now I got it !  Thank you so much for your detailed explanation ! !