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Vixia HF g20 video from card to mac?


Took my first video today.  I see it in the camcorder in playback on card A.  But when I put the card into my mac I don't see anything??! Where is it?!  I checked memory - it's not there.  Nor on card B.  (didn't even have one).  My sd card wasn't new - it had previous vid on it.  but plenty of space.  It's got to be somewhere I just need to retrieve it for editing!  help!



Hi erink!


Thank you for the post.


It is always good practice to initialize media before using it in any particular camcorder to ensure the file system on the card is fresh.  Try connecting the camcorder directly to the computer instead of just the cards.


1.  Put the cards back in the camcorder.

2.  Power the camera using the Compact Power Adapter.

3.  Open the date index screen.

4.  Connect the camcorder to the computer with the supplied USB cable.

5.  On the camcorder, select [All (for PC only)].


VideoBrowser will start up automatically, allowing you to transfer video files that way.  Once you are able to transfer all of your video files, disconnect the camcorder from your computer and initialize both cards.  Do not do this before you are able to retrieve the video files though.  Initializing a card will erase all data that is stored on the card.


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