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Vixia HF R700 - Always says "Check whether the lens cover is open"


Hello I have a Canon Vixia HF R700. I purchased the camcorder a little under two years ago and have maybe used it five times over that time frame. The last time it was used was 6-7 months ago. When I went to boot it up for Haloween the other night, I turn it on and the message "Check whether the lens cover is open" appears on the screen. I opena and close the lens cover and nothing changes. The lens cover opens easily, doesn't need to be forced nor does it feel like it isn't working as intended. When the lens cover is open, it is only a black screen to the screen as if the cover is closed. I still have the options to take a still photo and well as go into settings which I can do. I am curious if anyone else has experienced this issue or if anyone has some suggestions to a fix.





Oddly enough I have the same camcorder purchased roughly during the same time period, with the SAME problem.  The camcorder has been bricked, by the "lens cover is open" error.  There is nothing physically wrong with the lens cover.  It is OPEN. The camcorder has never been dropped, either.  It has been totally babied its entire existence.