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Vixia HF G50


Hi All,


I'm using the Vixia HF G50 as a live streaming camera at my church and using a Magewell USB Capture device so my Mac thinks its a webcam. We are using a Berhringer X Air as the sound board and running the headphone out on the board to the mic in on the camcorder and then running HDMI to the Magewell into the USB on the Mac. The problem is we have TONS of audio interference (can still hear the speaker) and I can't figure out why... Any ideas? I've checked the cables and they seem to be good. I don't think I have any power cables too close to the HDMI cable or mic input.


On a side note GarageBand is coming through the same source until it splits off and converts to a usb with no interference.



It appears that the Canon Vixia HF G50 is not compatible with any quality HDMI video card and render on a MAC.  The Black Magic Design Mini Recorder does not work, the Black Magic Infinity Shuttle is very hit and miss, I may get it work 1/80 tries of turning the camera on/off.  It appears the Magewell capture card does not work (read in other forums).  Has anyone successfully been able to make this camera render on a Mac with a Video capture card?

The Magewell has been rendering video but thus far it has had a shutter to it. I had one friend suggest my audio issue is do to the fact that it is coming off a head phone monitor output on the sound board and the Canon is designed for a non-powered mic signal.... So I will test that theory and see if that is also somehow causing the video shutter. I'm going to try it through an OBS to see if that improves the video signal as opposed to going straight to Facebook Live.

I was able to get my Magewell this week, and it renders well so far out of the box, my garbage intensity shuttle now sits on a shelf.  I fixed the sound issue... it requires a 3.5mm jack with rca outputs, I was using a 1/4inch jack with an adapter to 3.5mm, and it had poor sound quality, mono and hiss.  I changed to: soundboard stereo output>1/4inch jack/rca female adapter>rcamale adapter\3.5mm jack and reduced camera mic to 50%, it is reading from my board as stereo with no hiss, nice and clean.  I hope that helps!

I'll give that a shot! I also found a way to free up an xlr monitor out that should also do the trick I think. FYI, the direct box made a huge difference as well. Some low static and not super clean but good enough if I can't find a better solution.

The Magewell has been working well for me to through OBS. I need to improve the lighting a bit but that's a stage issue no fault of any hardware.

it may be that a mono signal vs a stereo signal may work better, I have to test it this week.