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VIXIA HF G20 Recording on Memory Card or built-in memory?


I have a Vixia HF G20. I have always assumed that if there was a memory SD card in slot A or B, when I recorded video it would automatically be saved to that SD card. That did seem to be the case, as there are numerous scenes going back years on the SD card in the A slot. However, recently when I took some video it was saved in the built-in memory, even though I gave it no instructions to do so or to avoid the SD Disc.

You would think this is extremely basic and the manual would tell you how to save in one of the SD cards versus built-in, but I don't see that. Does anyone know how to tell the camcorder which "drive," SD card or built-in memory, to save recordings in? Thanks.

This is my first post, so be gentle.



See page 34 through 37 of the user manual. There's no direct link to the PDF, so Click Here, then select Manuals and you can then download the user guide.

Having said that, do you have a compatible card in Slot B? It may be the case where those cards are now full and video would then be captured to the internal memory. Those pages above though will let you help you with the settings.


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