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Syncing three XA11s for simultaneous start?


We shoot a show on classic car restoraiton and run three Canon XA11's  that are generally no more than 20 feet apart. Is there any way to start all three cameras at the same time? Right now we do a "3-2-1---AND" count down and start. Obviously that leads to some people starting on the 1, others on the and and others after the and...AND that makes syncing the audio/video line a bit painful.


It would save us time if I could sync the three cameras and only have to occasionally deal with syncing issues.

I know there are programs like Plural Eyes that can set the sync point but have not found them to work with our style of editing.

For me it would be easier to do it at the cameras.

Thanks in advance!


Rising Star
Rising Star

Why not try using a clapperboard? You then have the same visual and audible sync point on all three cameras.

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