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Salvaging Folder structure files


Hello Canon gurus, I had an incident in which part of my data was corrupted (lost) on import. The XF 300 Folder structure came through without the index.mif or the journal, so the XF utility did not recognise the folder. Not sure where or when it happened, but even my Camera did not recognize the media CF card when I returned it to the slot, so I suspect the USB port? Anyways, the question is, is there any way to open and copy from an existing file/open/ modify these .mif or journal files so that the XF Utility can still read/join the video files? These are sports videos, and they need to be continuous. Work around at the moment is laboriously time consuming. Affraid it may happen again. I don't even know what program opens/edits these files... if there is one.


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Can you view the video in your camcorder? Did you format your card before using it?

Have you tried inserting your card to computer card reader to be fixed by computer? ( not to format -video will be erased ).

Try third party video editor if you can upload it. ( free video editors like videopad, wondershare, see online  free video editors ).


I can view the individual MXF files on my computer. The xf300 did not see the files, recommended formatting the card when I reinserted C.F. card into the slot. Card reader/USB port may have corrupted files, not sure how, but once I attempted to download the clips, the camera didn't see the files anymore. Individual files play through fine in AVID MC . In order for the XF utility to be able to merge the clip list, it needs the .mif and journal files. Those are missing. I am looking for someone with knowledge of those files and how/if they can be borrowed from a valid folder structure and edited so that the XF Utility can read the files and know how to merge them. Otherwise I have to bring it into the editor and combine them, export xref, encode... so time consuming. I am purchasing a hard wired chip reader to bypass faulty import usb, but would like to understand mif /journal files.

One way is to convert .mxf files into .avi or .mov files.  See youtube video for tutorials.

The other way is double clicking the video and let windows give options what to do with this file.

Maybe it is not the USB is at fault but the XF Utility software that hide/convert the file. 

index.mif  file  extension is a container that will let windows determine how to open or play by its media player.