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I typed UMID metadata into my camera menu and User Memo in XF Utility. Where can this data be used?


We use Canon XF305 cameras and one XF105. I've come across the UMID metadata settings in the menu (Country code, organization code, user code) and set them, but the manual says that the "Canon XF Utility cannot display or search this information." Has anybody found this information useful in an NLE or asset management software?

Similarly, there is a "User Memo" that can be set up on an SD card with the Canon XF Utility that contains "clip title" and "camera operator" (or is it "Creator?") fields of up to 100 characters, and a "clip description" of up to 1000 characters. Up to 100 Memo Profiles can be saved on one SD card, so although XF Utility may be awkward to be typing in on location, you can create presets in advance.

The XF Utility manual shows how to create, edit and delete User Memo Profiles. The only thing missing is why on earth you'd want to create them! Does this metadata carry forward to any other application, like Avid Media Composer or Interplay, Adobe Premiere Pro or Prelude, CatDV? Is anybody using this data, even within XF Utility?