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HFG20 and HDMI Splitters



 I've been using our HFG20 for many years.  I just had the min hdmi port fixed.  I can't seem to split the feed though. I use an ATEM Mini.  However I was trying to go from the camera to an HDMI splitter then to the Mini.   I only get 1 output from any splitter I try. I've tried various brands /models each time I only get  a single feed out of the splitter. I've tried it with and without hdcp options. 


What in the camera would make the HDMI output not be able to be split to 2 feeds by using an HDMI splitter or a multiviewer? 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


I can't say for sure because there is nothing in the manual specifically discussing it, but I expect that the HDMI signal cannot be split with just a cable splitter from this camcorder. Usually when people are trying to do this they either daisy-chain HDMI devices like Camcorder to monitor, then monitor HDMI out to a second monitor or recorder, or HDMI from teh camcorder into a switcher or control board and then HDMI out from that to other peripherals.

Yeah im at a loss. I've tried HDMI splitters, HDMI powered amplifiers.  tried a multiviewer, and daisy chaining. It won't split. It will come out of 1 side of the splitter but if I put in both outputs it blanks.