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HF G20 output not viewing


I have an HF G20. I got it like 6 years ago. I've been using a C027 Avermedia capture card.  Recently my motherboard died so I had to get a new one.  I got the MSI Performance Gaming AMD X470 Ryzen 2 AM4 DDR4 Onboard Graphics CFX ATX Motherboard.  I plugged in my C027 and now it won't read the camera. I'm using the composite out because it doesn't do LIVE HDMI out. We use the camera for streaming.  I've used about 20 different HDMI splitters to try and get the camera to send a signal but none of them read it. I got an ElGato  HD60 and it flat out says 0 signal from the G20. But if I plug into the C027 it reads.   I treid Canon support and they weren't very helpful.  I don't have hundreds to spend on a capture card. Maybe $200 at the most.  Does anybody know what capture card I can use in my PC to continue using my G20 for live streaming? 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi abagsoundboard,


It sounds like the change happened between the capture card and your new motherboard, I wonder if there's a patch from MSI or ElGato to increase compatibility between these two. You may want to reach out to their customer service support just in case this is something one company or the other is already familiar with and would have a quick and more importantly cheap solution for.

Thanks Mark, I wish I knew. I know the camera is around 7 years old. So is the capture card.

I've tried numerous capture cards & returned them because they won't read the signal from the camera. Is it an analog signal? Maybe that's why?

I've tried numerous HDMI splitters too and they will not read the signal from the output of the camera either.

I spent an hour on the phone with customer service a few months ago going round and round with their support on it. Canon support couldn't recommend any specific splitter or capture card since they don't manufacture them or support them. I put the C027 capture card into another computer and it works and the camera is back up and streaming but its just so strange that so many capture cards & so many HDMI splitters won't see the signal. The signal doesn't' even register on the powered HDMI splitters as a source (no light comes on). I'd love to not have to spend $1000's on a new camera and another compatible card.