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Connect an iPad to my Vixia G70 for viewing a larger screen


Is it possible to connect the camera to my iPad so I have a larger screen to look at while video recording? How would I go about this?

Also, I purchased a Canon Wifi card but it says it only will work with firmware over 1.01, I may be off on that number, but it got me thinking, how do you update firmware without wifi since the camera does not have wifi?

Eventually I want to use it as a web cam, which it says I can do in the manual. That will be another Q.

thank you!




Hi jeri08018,  I don't know about the IPads,  but I use a ViewSonic VA1655 1080P 15.6" Portable IPS Monitor.  Goes for Hours on those small Battery Packs.  As to the FirmWare updates, that's done using the SD Memory Cards.

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