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Combine AVCHD video files from HF100 smoothly?


I own a Vixia HF100 camcorder for which there is apparently a recording  file size limit of 1.9 gb. This means that when I videotape an event that is longer than around 17 minutes the camera/SD cardbreaks the file into sections. When played back within the camera the file sequence plays flawlessly, but within video editing programs there is a slight but discernible stutter or gap. I purchased an AVCHD converter/editor and this helps some, but there is still a small "flash' when the joined video goes from one segment to the next. 


I know this has been an issue among AVCHD users for a long time, and that there are certain programs like Sony Vegas Pro that can somehow solve the problem. I am wondering if there is a less expensive solution. Supposedly, when I got the camcorder it was packaged with a Canon video program that perhaps accomplished this task. But I actually don't recall having such a program, and even if I did, I believe it is no longer supported (my computer runs Windows 8). 


Is there a solution to this of which I am not aware? And if not, is one possible answer to get a camcorder with flash memory that cam record longer segments without the burden of the FAT format file limitations of an SD card?


Thanks for any suggestions here.




or you can try to merge your files into one , then reload your files into some NLEs .


The software that came with my Canon solves this problem, but creates another - I can only export the film from the software with it's own proprietary file extension. In other words, I can't do anything with the video that is not offered inside the program.  the program also compresses the video into a lower quality file.


So, there is a solution, but it is also totally unacceptable.

There is a 30 day trial version available of VideoStudio from Corel.  That will probably work better than the supplied software and besides being less expensive than the Sony software it will allow you to export to various formats (not that the Sony software won't allow you to export to various formats) including .mp4.  I have it installed on a laptop and can try it with AVCHD files and let you know if I have any problems with any flashes or blank spots in the video.


Update:  I imported AVCHD clips into Corel VideoStudio Pro X8 today.  I selected all the clips and added them to the timeline.  I did not notice any stuttering or gaps between the clips during playback.  VideoStudio is available for less than $100 from Corel. I only suggest VideoStudio because it is less expensive than some of the other alternatives and I am familiar with the program.  

Thank you very much. I appreciate you doing that. I will keep it in mind.


I know just where you are comming from. I have save files from an SD card, but cannot play back as a movie. I have files from China, Panama, Europe but never watch, because they are files (clips). My old Sony camera with its tape was a much better solution from a user's perspective. If anyone can tell me how to join those files and make a movie, i would be as chuffed as a diesel driven doughnut. Larry


It would help if you would tell the format of the clips.  Are they AVCHD or some other format?  What video player or players have you used to try to play the clips?